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Draw Attention With A Clean and Spotless Space

At Green Gardens LLC , we provide many commercial cleaning services in Plano, TX. Whenever you feel the need to clean, you can remember us. Our team of experts are well trained, and they can handle the work efficiently. Since the day of our innovation, we have worked hard to provide you with a flawless service that you will remember for a lifetime. 

At Green Gardens LLC , we understand how a pristine work environment with a fresh appearance contributes to creating an inevitable feeling for the employees and the stakeholders. Cleanliness not only makes the space look clean and tidy but also spreads positivity in the work environment. The overall look and atmosphere play a significant role in business profitability. 

Have Personalized Services As Per Your Need

There are a lot of things that you need to handle on an everyday basis. So, you can be worry-free about cleaning from now on. We have experienced personnel who can handle your need for industrial, office, medical, buildings or any speciality structure cleaning. Whether you need commercial cleaning services in Plano, TX day or night, we can handle everything. We facilitate state-of-the-art equipment, so our customers get the utmost satisfaction whenever they contact us. 

We Stand Behind Our Work

We know quality matters a lot when choosing the best professional cleaning service. So, we evolve updated technologies and techniques to provide a neat and clean service. Our experts are well-trained, and they know how to handle every type of commercial space. 

We also depend on customised quality control and quality assurance programs with innovative reporting tools to support our customers and overall service. We always look forward to providing the highest standard of work that can be possible from us. 

What Is Included In Our Service

Commercial cleaning refers to the cleaning of any size of retail space. We provide various commercial cleaning services in Plano, TX , equipment and chemicals for our cleaning services. Our service includes cleaning walls, rules, floors, windows, dining, kitchen and other areas. Our services include the following tasks, such as;

  • Trash cleaning and reinstalling liners when necessary.
  • Vacuum hard flooring, clean carpets, mats, 
  • Cleaning of plastered objects and spot by a spot basis
  • Cleaning of fingerprints and any door marking efficiently

Commercial cleaning services in Plano, TX  include disaster cleaning or restoration services, flood damage, fire damage, etc. We provide organisational, office, restaurant, hotel cleaning, general maintenance, etc.


Q: Should I stay in the office during your cleaning schedule?

We don’t make our customers obligated to stay with us when we are working. Cann cleans your commercial space when your entire office sleeps, so we don’t create any disruption or distraction during work. You can also schedule appointments during your working hours.

Q: Do we have to sign any contract?

At Green Gardens LLC , we don’t force anyone to sign any contract. When you need our service, you can make a schedule. However, for a long-term contract, we request you offer a 30-day notice before terminating the contract. 

Q: Who will supply cleaning supplies and equipment?

We will carry the chemicals, even the bin bags, to remove the dust. We will bring all the cleaning tools, equipment, chemicals, machinery, etc. You don’t need to provide a thing. We will send the quotes for everything when you need them for billing.