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Make Your Floor Looking New

Please don’t take the floor for granted; instead, focus on cleaning it. Because the bottom is the second thing a person will look at when following you into your office or home. Even if there is strengthened floor space using cubicles and portions, still the floor will be visible. Always remember that a dirty and worn floor can not make a valuable impact on you or your friends, family members or employees and investors. 

Instead, It can negatively influence people to have a view of your floor. We at Green Gardens LLC , Floor cleaning and waxing services in Plano, TX , have a detailed flooring inspection and provide floor waxing and cleaning service. 

Stripping and waxing have a lot of contributions to bringing back the shine of your vinyl floor. Our extensive range of floor treatments can suit your need for exact floor treatment. 

Our Quality Is The Best Capital Of Our Business

At Green Gardens LLC , we are committed to providing service that exceeds your expectations. We have well-trained staff in our hands and eco-friendly cleaning methods for our floor cleaning and waxing service in Plano, TX  that ensure customer satisfaction and safety for the environment. 

However, we believe that no-size-fits-all as there will be different measurements for every floor. So, we have customised packages to suit your needs and budget. 

Floor Cleaning and Waxing Service

Wax coating keeps the floor protected. Once the wax layer is stripped off, it needs another coating. You have to call our experts at Green Gardens LLC  to have specialised services in applying floor wax strips. We properly prepare the floor in such a way that it can accept additional layers of wax in future. Apart from that, we have experience handling various types of floors. So, we can provide you with a floor waxing service that matches your criteria. 

Why You Should Book Floor Cleaning and Waxing Service From Us

Generally, everyone gets tempted to put off the applied floor waxing and strip after having it for a long time. But how much harm can it do to your floor? Apart from that, too many layers of Waxing can make the floor yellow and darken. Once the floor turns yellow and darkened, that means it needs stripping. Especially during winter, the salt and abrasiveness can make the floor look dull. In that case, you should call the best floor cleaning waxing service to get the look of the bottom back. 

Having a routine schedule from the best floor cleaning and waxing service in Plano, TX , you can get:

  • Debris free floor
  • It protects substrates
  • Extend the lifetime of the floor
  • Make the floor look great
  • The scrubbing/ buffing works great on a clean and tidy floor. 

We keep connected with the best cleaning supplies and equipment manufacturers in the industry to offer you exclusive service every time. Over these 11 years of experience in Floor cleaning and waxing services in Plano, TX , our staff have discovered the best technology and way to transform your floor appearance. We keep your floors in the best condition so they can sparkle in the future.